Furniture App Design

WABI-SABI is a Canadian furniture brand that offers a range of exquisite wooden furniture, inspired by the timeless beauty of Japanese design. The brand values craftsmanship, sustainability, and the art of wood.

Every item is carefully designed to seamlessly blend functionality with the serenity of Japanese minimalism, creating a unique and harmonious aesthetic.

Project Overview_

For this collaborative project, I was responsible for the design of the WABI-SABI brand logo, the UI/UX of the mobile app. The whole brand was built from scratch and the style and positioning were the result of our collaboration. Our objective is to provide an app platform for our loyal customers to use, making their shopping more convenient and providing them with exclusive enjoyment.

Creative Process_

Phase 1: Research & Ideation

- Conducted comprehensive evaluations of competitor applications (IKEA, Fy!, Wayfair) for design inspiration and innovative insights.
- Established WABI-SABI's brand guidelines, logos, and mood board to inform the visual identity of the furniture app.
- Developed 2 detailed personas representing distinct user groups, ensuring a human-centered approach to the redesign process.
- Created an empathy map to delve deeper into users' feelings, thoughts, pain points, and needs.

Persona 1Persona 2

Phase 2: Sketching and User Testing

- Explored various wireframes and interface elements based on research insights, user personas, and the empathy map.
- Conducted user testing on initial prototypes to gather feedback on usability, identify pain points, and refine the design based on real user experiences.


Phase 3: Pre-production

- Translated sketches into mid-fidelity wireframes, capturing detailed interface representations.
- Ensured adjustments to the interface layout were made based on the inclusion of actual textual content and maintained consistent spacing.
- Created a clickable prototype in design tools, such as Figma, to simulate user interactions and test the functionality of the furniture app.

Wabi-Sabi Mock up part 1
Wabi-Sabi Mock up part 2
Wabi-Sabi Mock up part 3
Wabi-Sabi Mock up part 4
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Clickable Prototype