Mobile App Redesign // Concept

Cineplex is a leading Canadian company that operates in the Film Entertainment and Content, Amusement and Leisure, and Media sectors.

Project Overview_

For this project, I focused on revamping the user interface and experience of the Cineplex mobile app. At the start of the project, the app’s interface layout was inconsistent and did not coordinate with the website and brand color scheme. I aimed to improve the app's visual appeal, streamline its usability, and harmonize the design with Cineplex’s overall brand identity.

Creative Process_

Phase 1: Research & Ideation

- Conducted thorough evaluations of competitor applications (e.g., TIFF, Atom, Imagine Cinemas) for design inspiration and innovative insights.
- Studied Cineplex’s brand guidelines, logos, and website design to ensure a cohesive visual identity across platforms.
- Developed 2 detailed personas representing different user groups to guide the redesign process with a human-centered approach.
- Mapped the user journey to identify touchpoints, pain points, and moments of interaction for improved user satisfaction.

Persona 1Persona 2

Phase 2: Sketching and Moodboard

- Explored wireframes and interface elements based on research, personas, and user journeys.
- Created a mood board referencing Cineplex's website for visual consistency with the brand identity.


Phase 3: Pre-production

- Developed mid-fidelity wireframes, transitioning from sketches to detailed interface representations.
- Adjusted interface layout to include actual textual content and maintain consistent spacing.
- Created a clickable prototype in Figma, enhancing prototyping skills and bringing versatility and precision to the design.

Cineplex's Mock up part 1
Cineplex's Mock up part 2
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Clickable Prototype