FAIRTASTE is the first Fair Trade brand in Hong Kong, a social enterprise devoted to promote Fair Trade Organic products and ethical consumption.  FAIRTASTE products are locally made, delicious, fresh and free of additives.

Project Overview_

During my tenure at Fairtaste, I've worked on a range of design projects across different mediums:

  1. Festival Brochure Design: Creating engaging brochures for the New Year that effectively blend visuals with information.
  2. Vending Machine Layout Design: Designing intuitive layouts to optimize product visibility and sales.
  3. Social Media Post Design: Create social media post for informations, events and promotions to maintain brand consistency.
  4. Product Packaging Design: Create packaging that is both environmentally friendly and fun.
  5. Video editing: Creating engaging promotional videos to increase brand awareness and engagement.
Fair Taste (HK) Limited
Fairtaste Vending Machine
Fairtaste Instagram Post Design
Fairtaste Planting Kit Package Design
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Video Editing_